June 25th ... "Just received my knife today. WOW!! Very very nice. I think I came out on top on this deal. If it
makes ya feel any better understand that my first Grandson when I have one will be the owner and
caretaker.(after i play with it a few years) I have a fairly nice collection of customs knives. AnDrew
DeVillers,Crawfords,JR Grey,PJ Earnest, and about #32 William Henrys. This knife is as good as any!! The
Personal COA is a nice touch to. Again thanks and you should be really proud of your work. I will be watching
your sight for more .Thanks for your time".,,  Todd A.  Alabama 2007

"This is why I like to BUY ON Ebay. A Full Custom knife and a Great
price. Fast Shipping. This knife second to none!!!!"

"After 20 yrs of Industrial metal fabrication work.  I can say, my Hippo knife is fine
work!"  Alex PA 2007

"WOW !!!! What
great workmanship. A
beautiful knife. You
are very Talented
and approachable
and very helpful."

"Beautiful it is outstanding very detailed.: 2006

May 1: "Well my knife
arrived today.  A very
beautiful and solid
item - you are good
!!I  Also like the fact
that it is a one-off
including the sheath,
which is all I expected
as well. I`ll leave a
positive response on
e-bay after sending
this." Thank you again

"What a beautiful knife! You sure do good work! I am gonna have to keep you in mind for my brothers
birthday later this summer. He would flip over one of your knives Also!"  - Craig 2008

This knife kicks ass !!!

Got it just in time. Im off fishing today. If I catch a trout small enough to eat I’ll christen the knife on that.
Thank you. This knife is beautiful and of the first quality. It took me 6 months of watching ebay and surfing
the net to decide on who would make me my new knife, and out of all the cutlers I could find on the internet
I decided that it would be you. The steel from those Alabama boys is a real bonus as well. Thanks again
James S New Zealand 2007

BEAUTIFUL!!!     It was at the post office.    I love it!  I would like you to make three
knifes for me and my two sons.  What is the process?   Thanks again  JP Texas 2007

Just wanted to tell you they arrived today and are beautiful.  I love them and would
highly recommend your knives to others.   Thanks again,   West 2007

"The knife arrived on Tuesday safe and sound. It is fantastic. I am very happy with the
knife. You have really outdone yourself on this one,it is gorgeous.I might get one of the
displays from you in the near future. Thanks for doing such a great job on the knife."   Jim
C FLA 2008

Hey Steb, I got my knife today , and I just love it! Well done and well made. Thanks
again for your help and special attention to detail , I really appreciate it. Regards,
Mitch (Knifeshark) 2008

"Dom  I think I have never owned a good knife before. Last hunting season I field dress four deer. The last one
I did was skinned and I even cut the back straps out hitting bone and all. I told you I will be ruff on your knife
and I was. The knife did not even need to be touched up between deers and I should be able to use it next
year without using my stone. Great knives you make, you told me I would like it I love it.  Jon" 2007

The FULL THROTTLE is the second knife I have bought from Stebbins. I thought the first was beautiful – a
great knife for fishing, a present for my cousin who is an avid fisherman. The second time around I wanted
something special that I could display and the FULL THROTTLE just blew me away. The mammoth tooth –
Damascus steel combination is amazing. The level of workmanship is superb – it’s truly a work of art, made
by a master. Your website says you are striving for excellence and let me tell you, you have achieved it.
Thanks again. Mike NH 2008
Testimonials & Feedback from Customers
Some feedback from customers that look for a true honest handmade knife. This is of some correspondence from recent
customer knives I was commissioned to build.
I must say that a handmade knife maker does not do this for the money. I do it for the love of for the blade and craftsmanship.
Below are some recent Email's and correspondences I have received. Many phone contacts also.

The knife arrived today, and I have to say that it is a work of art, truly a masterpiece.
It is so beautiful that I hesitate to use it and risk damaging it. The size and balance is perfect, and I just love the
arched spine together with the beautiful hollow grind. The pattern of the ambroyna handle matches the damascus
pattern on the blade so perfectly that you think they where made for each other.Not to forget the sheath that fits just
perfect, and protects the knife while wearing it There´s only one drawback, and that is I´ll have to wait a while before
my girlfriend will allow me to order another knife from you..   
Thank you for your great service, hats of for a true master . Regards,Mats Gebelius (Sweden) 2008

I just received my knife this morning. It is Absolutely gorgeous.  I am just thrilled with it – you are
quite an artist . I was not expecting the fancy filework and pins.  The guard, the handles and
workmanship.  The  Damascus is beautiful steel.  I really appreciate it so much and if you ever are
looking for a referral, give my number for them to call me.  Thanks again for such and outstanding
knife I may be getting another soon!   Al from Cheyenne - WY 2008

All arrived safely yesterday.
Absolutely fabulous Dom, really great, thanks a bunch, I am really pleased.
Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but will just as soon as it's been sharpened.
I'm gonna start saving for another right now!!!!!!!
Many thanks again. regards Tomas GB England 2008

The Nessie came yesterday. All I can say is "WOW'. ( In fact, that is exactly what I said when I
opened the zippered case....WOW!) The birch burl,red jasper and stag are not LOUD at all. They
go together beautifully. It is a fantastic knife! Thank you,  Take care, Jim FLA 2008