Shop Tour
All my different
on one
table to
the dust
My Mill & Drill stations where I slot guards and create pins
pommels jigs and a Mini Lathe
Welding & Forging table
These benches below are where I spend 80 percent of my time. Attaching handles assembly and blade finishing
My leather areas are where I make sheaths drilled & hand stitched.
Kiln for heat treating blades on the rolling cart
Metal and wood bandsaws
Split drum sander
Favorite Grinder yet!
Leather Stations
My Favorite Vises
My Heat Treating & Forging Area
After Freehand Hollow
grinding a Cutout Blade

I use stock removal, which means
starting with a Damascus billet or blade
steel bar stock then profiling and  
grinding it into a knife blade. I freehand
hollow grind most knives which I
prefer, as well as some convex and full
flat grinds on hammer & anvil forged
blades. The hardening and tempering
of the steel is all done in my shop. All
of my knife blades are Rockwell tested
with my Ames hardness tester. It takes
all the guess work out of making a high
performance knife. USERS
One of two Gas Forge
I do my tooling and dying, airbrush, & staining of the leather
KYDEX on request

Below are some of the tools used in my
shop to make knives