My goal as a holsterer is to provide truly unique leather knife
sheaths that are eye catching as well as being highly
functional, extremely rugged and very easy to use. Every
sheath I make is built to fit plus
compliment your knife and will
last you a lifetime and probably much longer with normal
use and just a little care. I tend to overbuild my sheaths
because I make them as if I were going to use them myself.
They will fit your knife like a glove.
"I prefer Hand Stitching over machine sewn far superior."
Folding knife Auto
Opening Belt Sheath
as you draw on the
handle the blade opens
out for you. Will hold
Buck 110s
These are the pieces to the right that
go into my sheaths. Wet molded andI
rap the sheath to the knife. A belt loop
or strip a spacer/ lock/welt that keeps
the sharp edge from cutting the stitch
and locks the knife into the sheath. I
fold the leather so that only one side
has stitching a 50 percent chance of
the stitching letting go. The leather is
slotted so that the stitch is below the
level of the leather and will not wear
from friction from blue jeans.
Wet molded sheath parts
This is in my in the Waistband
sheath or boot carry
are hand stitched they not only looks better
than machine stitching, it is actually
stitching. One reason is that on machine stitched
items, the stitching sits above the surface of the
leather and is exposed to abrasion. All of my
hand stitching is done in a recessed channel
heavy waxed thread so that the stitching is
actually below the surface of the leather will not
wear on your jeans. Some reason are illustrated
in the diagram below
This is one of my Kydex Folder
also done in Cosealex a
carbon fiber material. Notice this
one knife can be worn in several

My tactical knives come with Kydex
and hunters are done in leather.  
Hunter Snap Sheath