The New Englander below is a hunting knife with highly
figured stabilized burls with a sculptured brass guard. They
are also done in Wrought Iron, Stainless steel, Mokume,  
Damascus and Copper.
New Englander

I strive for excellence
that is properly designed and will work with
attention to the detail
This Website is a portfolio of some past and
present knives. These are pictures of knives  
since going to digital photography, and it's a
great way to contact me if inquiring about
having a one-off knife and sheath built for you.
Thank you for your interest. Please look
around! There is a contact page for your
questions and will be replied to.
Stebbins Handmade Custom Damascus Knives
A new design Hunter a modern
Mammoth Tooth Hippos

Made from high carbon blade steels and many stainless steels, these are stock removal
Hollow Ground Damascus mostly
. My Knives are designed profiled, freehand ground,
hardened and tempered by me in my shop which give me total control over my knives
quality. The Damascus steel is made from the finest high carbon blade steels,some with
pure nickel forge welded by myself and world class Damascus makers I personally
know.  They have a very dramatic look and ability, ground from 1/8" 5/32" 3/16" and
1/4" thick billets or flat bar stock
(small examples below). It is great steel flexible and
holds a great edge, plus easy to keep sharpened besides looking great...
(small and medium hunter,bird and trout) are made from 3/32" 1/8" and 5/32"
thick stock, with full tangs and fitted with stainless steel or brass pins Mosaic pins &
knife maker bolts with lanyard tubes, ground hollow or flat and dressed with every type
of Ferris and non Ferris material for guards and some iron and steel Damascus also.     
Hunting knives may be ordered with a variety of natural materials as well as available
many colors of Micarta. The
HUNTERS are 5/32" 3/16" and thicker 1/4" made from
1095 carbon steel 0-1 tool steel, Damascus, 440C stainless, ATS34,  154cm stainless
and the
blade lengths start at 3"  and up
Overall length: 6.25 & 7 3/4" 8 1/2" and up to 12" OAL       

Handle Materials
Matte Micarta, Full Finish Micata it comes in Paper Linen and Canvas many colors to
choose from. G-10  My favorite handle materials are Exotic Hardwoods such as Gabon
Ebony, Cocobolo, Iron wood, Bocote and Stabilized woods which are used when
possible with all of my Burls for sure. I use Stag of all kinds including Moose and
Horn. Also Ivory, Mammoth Tooth and Tusks of all kinds of animals (never Elephant
Ivory!). Mother of Pearl, Abalone Black and Brown Lip Pearls are a nice touch but
fragile.  I prefer to use it as an inlay only.